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My story

Award Winning Florist

Hi, I am Soolmaz, the creative mind behind Paisley and Rose floristry design. I have had the honour of winning the prestigious Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2023 in the courtesy to a consort class, as well as taking first place in a live competition during the same event. Additionally, I also won the Harrogate Flower Show 2018. I have always been fascinated by the colour and diversity within nature. My curiosity for nature leads to my creativity. Although I like to use different colours and textures, I believe simplicity is the essence of prettiness.
As a person from a culture with so many bans, I have eventually found so many opportunities; being curious, unconventional, and mixing colours and methods innovatively within my work.
I grew up around aromatic flowers such as stocks, hyacinth, gardenia, and tuberose, but I like all flowers. Each type of flower has its meaning.
Although I like the European style of floristry design, I often enjoy creating natural British-style floral arrangements.
Two philosophies are at the forefront of my mind; Pim Van den Akker states that everything we think of, we can create; otherwise, we would not think of it. The second philosophy of Gregor Lersch suggests sharing your knowledge with others; that is how you learn more.
Every celebration or occasion has its story and leaves an indefinite imprint on our hearts. 
Fresh flowers, with their language, have been the natural way to make life’s milestones.
I am passionate about telling your story through your choices of flowers and colours.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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